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I am very excited about the NEW Golden Age of Steam album that we recorded last year; it is out now on Basho records, it's called "Welcome to Bat Country" and features, alongside the regular trio of myself, Kit Downes and Tim Giles, a whole host of electronic wizardry and trumpets provided by Alex Bonney and some stomping electric bass from Ruth Goller.

We have already had some nice press such as this from Metro

"Welcome to Bat Country is The Golden Age of Steam's fantastic second album ... the perfect aural mood setter for avant-garde Halloween parties."

you can buy the album HERE

We have some great gigs coming up, including:

17th November, as part of the London Jazz fest we will be playing a tretble bill at the Bethnal Green Men's Club alongside Nostalgia 77 and Andrew Plummer's World Sanguine Report

you can buy tickets HERE

26th November we will be headlining Jazz in the Round (as hosted by Jez Nelson)

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